Holy Saviour's Church

Holy Saviour's Church, located in the center of Gyumri, was built in 1860-1873. The church was reproduced from Ani Cathedral. The architect was the famous master Tadevos Antikyan. After the disastrous earthquake of 1988, the church was partly destroyed. In 2002 the reconstruction of the church was initiated. Now the church is open for visitors.

Address: Gyumri, Abovyan str.

St. Nshan

Saint Nshan Church was built in 1859-1864. According to the inscriptions above the southern and northern entrances, the church was named Saint Nshan in 1870. This is one of the earliest apostolic churches in Gyumri, with a central dome and bell tower. The church building suffered a lot of damage from the devastating earthquake of 1988, especially the dome and the bell tower. In the following years, the church was renovated.

Address: Gyumri, Varpetac street

Gyumri Museum of National Architecture and Urban Life

The museum used to be the house of the famous merchant Petros Dzitoghtsyan, who had migrated from the Western Armenian village of Dzitogh with his 4 brothers. On the first floor of the museum, you can see pictures of famous people. The museum showcases the furniture of the Dzitoghtsyans, the modern works of local artists, handmade rugs, and carpets alongside many other items.

Address: Haghtanak Ave. 47

Mother Armenia Memorial

The monument was built in 1975 by Ara Sargsyan, E. Vardanyan and the famous architect Rafik Yeghoyan. The monument presents a young lady as a symbol of victory, and the backside of the monument, which is directed to Turkey, is modeled after Nemesis, the Greek goddess of vengeance.

Address: The monument is located in the southwestern part of Gyumri, next to Black fortress.